New Year’s Day 2015 – Here we go then

Is it narcissist to write a blog about yourself? That’s my first dilemma. There’s always a dilemma. That’s why I’m doing a blog. Plus you asked for it. Well two of you did. A blog to record my dilemmas, mishaps & general musings. So I can look back upon my life (definitely not always with a sense of shame, most was worth it) and realise, even if it was full of cock ups, mostly random & sometimes bizarre, if someone smiled, in appreciation or recognition then some good came of it. HAH! AS IF.  Its because I don’t want to accept Facebook’s new T&Cs but still want to have a laugh with my friends.  And I haven’t got a bloody clue how to navigate this site. Until I get a visit from my clever friend Kat, its going to be looking a little bit basic. But don’t judge a blog by its cover, its whats on the inside that counts. Anyway, here we go…where to start where to start

Give me a few minutes.

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