Annnnnd its a third operation….

I knew it would be.  Still feel a bit sick though. Consultant is going to speak to hand surgeon & let me know by Friday when the op will be.

Hand is back in a splint & not allowed to use it.  Dammit.  You have no idea how hard it is trying to wipe my bum left handed.  AH WELL! NEVER MIND!

I’ll finish this later.  Spinney head.

Hospital ring with an appointment at 2.15pm this Thurs at the hand clinic. Finally speeding up a bit.

Wake me up, when September ends. Or leave me asleep.  Would rather sleep.

I’m not very happy today.  Can you tell?!  Will answer any questions tomorrow. Unless you want to have your head ripped off in which case do ring me, I can oblige. Don’t come close though, overwhelming urge to punch something.  With my left hand, obviously.

Right, now to sort a taxi to get Sophie home from school.

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