Well I wasn’t expecting that

I was expecting to be told an operation date. Definitely not that  I’d be walking out of there in a cast. Again. Pink this time. Pink to  make the boys wink. Or close their eyes, turn around & walk the other way.

Its bloody hard trying to type again now. So will make it brief.  The plate on my wrist hasn’t settled. At all. Two pins are loose, digging into another bone. They don’t want to operate  yet as a difficult & major operation will be even more difficult. So they’re going to give it another 4 weeks in cast. Cast comes off on 23rd June & my operation will be the following week.

Someone on Twitter told me to look on the bright side. TWICE.  The “bright side” – even if this 3rd op is successful I’ll only ever have 80% use of my right hand. The “bright side” – living on sick pay & stressing about being a burden to my friends who help me out, getting Sophie to & from school & taking me shopping. Yes I know you all don’t mind, but I do.  Its horrible.  The “bright side”  – I’ve been like this for 2.5 months now (feels longer) going crazy with worry & boredom. Don’t even get me started on missing one of my oldest & best friend’s wedding. I missed her first one as well. Can’t remember being invited. Probably wasn’t.  He was a first class ****.  Anyway, my “bright side” lady – hadd to block her. She’s a lovely person but not in the mood & wanted to roar. I’ll regret that tomorrow. Starting to regret it now.

Approach with caution today. You’ll either get tears or rage.  Maybe wait until tomorrow. Or the end  of summer.

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