Dear Neighbours

Popped out the front yesterday afternoon to shove some recycling in the bags. Noticed there were maybe 6 or 7 motorcyclists chatting to you on your doorstep. As I turned around to come back in I noticed you were all staring at me. So I mumbled under my breath can I help you? And walked inside.  So strange. Look out window & you’re all still staring at my front door.  I look down, yes I’m fully clothed so its  not that.

Why are you all staring at me? Bit unnerving. And then….and then I remember something.

3 or 4 weeks ago now there was a motorcyclist outside my house revving his engine.  On the end of my drive. Continuously.  Now I’ve always got a slight headache due to brain injury but this day it was severe. Pain so bad I couldn’t think.  So I went outside & said to the motorcyclist “what are you doing?”  Quietly.  Because my head hurt so bad.
He gave me side eyes & said “waiting for a friend”.  “Could you please turn your engine off?” I said.  “What? NO!” he says & with that your little pink car goes past & off he follows.

I get back inside and think hang on what? What did I just do? Can’t believe I went out & asked a motorcyclist to turn off his engine like the resident loon.  Which I am obviously. Didn’t even realise what I’d done until I got back inside.  Some weird auto-pilot crap brain thing.

So yesterday afternoon, maybe 15 minutes after I’ve come back inside it starts.  They ALL revved  & revved & gawd knows what else you do with a bike to make such an insane noise. Was absolutely deafening. Gawd knows how long it went on for.  Too long. You both stood on the doorstep looking directly at my house laughing your heads off.  I sat huddled in the corner of the sofa trying not to cry.

My initial conversation with the cyclist on my drive was polite & in no way really warranted you trying to get your own back or whatever it was you were doing. Did you achieve your aim? Did you get satisfaction from annoying your neighbour? You didn’t annoy me. You made me sad.  Sad that people like you get pleasure from upsetting others.  You mocked the afflicted. Only you probably don’t realise I’m afflicted because you never bothered to find out.

Love they neighbour? Not today thanks.

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