Want a tasty one-handed no fuss healthy-ish meal?

I say one handed as I can only use left at the moment (CPRS in right). In two years since accident its never felt right (har), Still feels & behaves like a left, no ambidextrous stuff going on here. Yet. But anyway, here’s something I threw in the slow cooker last week.  No chopping required.  BUY A SLOW COOKER!  This is sort of beef casserole – basic but delicious. And I didn’t have to set a timer for every single step of the way as I do usually (Brain injury – forget everything instantly), always a bonus.  Set it on low for 5 hours & was divine but you could leave it longer if at work all day.

Ingredients: (not great with measurements because I just chuck everything in.  Its easier. But this feeds 2)

300g Casserole/stewing beef or brisket

2 tablespoons of oil

Plain flour, salt & pepper

Pre-chopped carrots

Frozen chopped onion (1 small)

Frozen chopped garlic (teaspoon full, or more depending on your next day activities and proximity to other people)

Fresh Rosemary from garden (bought it for £1.50 from the garden centre when we went strawberry picking – doubled its size & lost count of times I’ve picked it now, worth every penny)

300ml Beef stock (Oxo pot ones on offer for £1 at Sainsburys)

1 tin of chopped tomatoes


Add salt & pepper to flour and coat the meat.

Then brown it off a bit in a frying pan. Remove & place in slow cooker.

Turn heat down, add onions & garlic to pan for a minute, add the carrots, stock & rosemary,, chuck it all in and let it boil for a couple of minutes. Add to the slow cooker, put the lid on & smell it later.

Did mine with cheesy mash potato (with pepper, tiny bit of butter & dash of milk) & added peas.  Was a bit special.

And that’s it. easy dinner for those of us not fully functioning. You’re welcome 🙂 x


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