Don’t dough as I do, dough as I tell you #CRPS


I know, cringe. But as you asked (someone might) this is how it went down.

The CRPS in right wrist/arm is causing it to be three times its usual size today, bloody painful & swollen, the HMS/Fibro is ensuring knees & ankles to throb away, but have managed to make this loaf using left hand whilst sat on my behind & its been a bit of a mood enhancer. It really is the little things sometimes. Whatever gets us through. Sure you know how to bake bread but if you don’t and want/need a bit of self-care, maybe a bit hindered by your health/limbs, pull up a chair & I’ll tell you how to dough this.
Sorry. Not sorry.

1 mixing bowl

340ml warm water
1 sachetdried yeast (7g from a pot – about a teaspoon) –
10g salt (about a level tablespoon)
500g Strong flour (one third of the bag)

Mix the yeast in the water, bung in the salt & flour, mix it around with a spoon or your hand(s) until it soaks up the water. Takes about 30 seconds. If that.
Cover it with clingfilm and a tea towel, find a warm place.


you can go about your day and come back and bake it later if you like so pop it in the fridge.


Give it a 5/10 minute knead.  However much kneading time you want/can manage. This bread is going to taste like the best you’ve ever had in your life anyway.  By holding dough secure with right hand, can knead with my left.

Leave it for about an hour. Carefully knock the air out and re-cover.  Leave it for another 45mins-1hr.
Heat the oven to 240 degrees, let it heat for 20 mins.

Either put the dough into a bread tin or onto an oven tray that’s been coated finely in olive oil.

Turn oven down to 200 degrees. Cook for 40-45 mins. Done. That easy. And that delicious. And cheap (£1 bag of flour makes 3 loaves).

Mine is a bit lopsided, will try and remember to turn it around halfway through bake next time.  When you eat the warm topper with butter sure you’ll be thanking me. Hopefully!

And the best bit (for me), managed to distract myself from making meringues by getting busy typing this out! Yes! No sugar high tonight!  But this bread is enough of a treat (and heartburn if you do my warm topper method) on its own without meringues and if it spurs just one person on to treat themselves today then I’ll be happy with that. Let me know if its you. Spread the smiles.


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