What is it exactly that you’re trying to do?

I don’t know! Its all a bit mish-mash. Started the blog initially because so many people wanted to know how I was coping after the accident. Could give everyone the same details, all in one place without the need for continuous repetition. Serious brain fatigue. Plus I’d forget who I’d told & what and oh my the repetition. I am so sorry my friends for the constant repetition. I truly appreciate those who have stuck around through & during my many meltdowns & breakdowns. And for having patience when for the 10th time I will stop mid-sentence with ‘I can’t remember, hang on, what was I talking about?’  You warm my heart.

THEN I thought I’d make this blog a place of easy recipes for everyone & especially people with limited mobility. I don’t have any qualifications in food. They’re not supposed to be difficult dishes. Every recipe is made with my left hand (of course I was right handed) and a good dollop of slapdash.  Measurements? Meh! I forget what they are as soon as I remove item from scales. Bung it in!

AND THEN I thought about bringing the diva into it. I’ve been keeping a record of her little adventures. Maybe soon.

AND THEN I thought, I could use this blog to find the five (that I know of) siblings. Who know nothing of my existence. Maybe soon for that one as well.  Needs a lot more thought.

AND THEN I thought, shall I tell you about my idea for a Saturday morning homemade fresh warm rolls delivery service? First two orders received today with a guaranteed full refund if they’re not satisfied. Because now I’m pooping it a bit.

SHIT! I forgot Sophie is at running club, need to collect, back soon! x

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