No, I’m not going to have time to bash a good, long one out…


A blog. Bash a good long blog out ya dirty gits.

So far today I’ve made a cake, washed some dishes and did a 10 min dog walk (taking it easy with him after his sit down in the woods yesterday). And doing those few, simple tasks my right arm is already twice the size of left (#CRPS). Its hard to stay upbeat when pained. But I have 20 mins before teen gets home from school then drive to the mall to meet our wonderful aunt, here on a one week stop from Ireland. Reasons to be cheerful! Smiling again already.

Lets see how much I can get written down.

How are we getting on with the staying happy, positive mental attitude? Its not as easy as it sounds, is it. Especially if you’ve got really crap problems going on in the background. I wake up in the morning, remember the crap and then have to remind myself to sit on it, put it to the back of your mind, stay positive, happy thoughts. Sometimes I don’t remember to remind myself until halfway through the day. But I’ll get there, practice makes perfect, right?!

The thing I am getting good at is not letting one single thing ruin the rest of the day. When I opened the fridge and a dish of tuna came flying out at me and smashed all over the floor I didn’t think “oh, its going to be one of those days is it” like I usually would. I cleared it up whilst thinking this is minor, its a nothing, forget about it, move on.

I’ve had a few days of proper anxiety in the last week. Suffered anxiety all my life so its not unexpected. You know the ones, where your stomach is in knots & you feel shaky, impending doom feeling. During one such episode I picked up phone & saw a tweet from someone saying ‘Did you know that as you get older your lady bits go bald’ and oh my god how’s that for distraction?! Hilarious. I did not know this. Wonder what else don’t I know?!

But the days I am managing to convince myself that I’m happy, that everything is fine, you know what? They are.

I have to go now. Ran out of time. Going for quantity not quality today so I’ll blog again later. Be happy! x



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