Apologies for my half finished tweets

Its only taken me two weeks to work out why its happening. Like I said the other day – user error.   My broken wrist & arm in general have developed a twitch. And tweeting with my left hand takes FOREVER. Oh the fun. So I’m sending out incomplete crap, deleting them, trying again. Sometimes multiple times. Still they send with just one word. The other night someone thought I was having a go at them because they only got the first sentence. (He posted a clown video – why would you do that?! Nightmares) And I’m too quick for my own good.  It annoys the absolute crap out of me. Been trying not to tweet too much but I miss you & using Twitter as my memoirs has become the norm.

Can’t use dictaphone…stupid thing can’t understand me….leeeaaaave it

My cast is off a week today. Then next  operation the following week.  Eeeeeek.

Please bear with me.  Sorry for making your TL look messy.

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